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While you are at it, why not invite a friend to join with you!

To join please complete the following form and submit (if you just have questions and are not ready to join please call Judy at 260-6140).   Our membership fees are $80 per cycle of four meetings.     Mail your membership fee to THE GIVING CLUB, P.O. Box 1382, Grand Junction, CO  81502 OR Venmo it to @judy-vanderleest


You have committed to writing a $100 check to the chosen nonprofit at each meeting regardless of whether or not you are able to attend.   If you are unable to attend you will receive an email letting you know which local nonprofit to write your $100 check.   ALWAYS run your method of payment through THE GIVING CLUB    By doing this we can keep track of who has paid.    Prepay for the entire year and have The Giving Club take care of the rest; Write a $100 check after each meeting to the selected nonprofit and then mail it to The Giving Club, PO Box 1382, Grd Jct, CO  81502; or send the money via the VENMO app to @judy-vanderleest